Dish Bar – Unscented


The Dish Bar is natural and effective unique formula that suds up beautifully and will clean your dishes and glassware better than most traditional liquid soaps. The bar is multi-use and can also be rubbed on stains, making a safe and effective natural stain remover or ground up and used as washing detergent. Pair with our Bubble Dish Brush and Bamboo Soap Shelf for the perfect kitchen essential kit! 

Size: 5.2 oz / 147 g
Notes: Do not leave sitting in a pool of water, it needs to stay drained and dry between uses.
*Test in an inconspicuous spot for new materials you wish to use it on to ensure compatibility. Not recommended for delicate fabrics, with naturally dyed products or for use on porous stone surfaces such as granite, quartz or marble. We do not guarantee compatibility with all materials.
There will be imperfections, chips, cracks and roughness on the bar and rough variations on the surface, this is normal and to be embraced.

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