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Welcome to Labode Shoppe & Interiors!

We’re Bobbi and Mercedes, and we are the faces behind Labode. What started as a mother, daughter team, turned business partners.

Labode was created to embrace intention behind tangible things. We believe that each item in your home/space should hold purpose and moments, whether it be your favourite pink towel that reminds you of your mom, a crisp candle lit while working at home, or a toilet paper holder that you can’t seem to get your kids to replace. Labode is a space to share those moments and pieces that make you take a step back to stop and smell the roses.

The two of us have held a passion for interior design for as long as we can remember and have always craved creativity in our career. It wasn’t until 2020, a year full of difficulties and reflection, that we recognized deep down there was never a “right” time to pursue our dreams. From then on, we rolled up our sleeves, put our heads down and built Labode.

Labode is our home away from home that we hope becomes yours too.

With Love,
The Labode Girls

Labode's Founders, Bobbi and Mercedes